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In modern days children’s are thinks that their parents are problem in their personal life, so they thought that it is better if they die early. How ever the problem goes more difficult when the parents are too olden. If they are not lives their lives proudly and at this stage unnecessarily they get insulted by their children every time but they are helpless, they can’t do any thing; so they must bear this situation. And in another situation when if any person have no children or relatives; it is very difficult to him to pass the old age. Thinking of all problems Vairatvasi Abanand Maharaj started a Vriddhashram for Destitute old age people namely “ PARAMSHANTI DHAM VRIDDHASHRAM” on 15th March 1988.


Founder & Chief Trustee
Vairatvasi Abanand Maharaj
Shri Yashodhar Shivaji Mhadik
Shri Vilas Tukaram Kadam
Shri Subhash Pandurang Ghadge
Shri Shantibhai Dungarasi Maru
Shri Nanjibhai Thakkar ‘Thanavala’
Working Members
Shri Pradipbhai Sogathi
Shri Vasantbhai Galiya
Shri Subhash P. Ghadge

Paramshantidham’s History

Vriddhashram strarted in 1988.Then made a Trust on 19th September 1990. The Trust were totally orphan older making no difference between religions, cast. The Female and Male age above 60 years are getting admitted. This admission & take care to inmates is for life time.

Inside Aashram

There were only four older people admitted at the beginning of Vriddhashram in 1988. At that time the dwelling place was only hut. Today the Trust have R.C.C. constructed building including one ground floor plus two.  Total 35 rooms and containing toilate, bathrooms and three very big halls for every day prayer, other activities, religious festivals, meetings etc. Ground floor has one office, one kitchen, one dinning hall, two doctors OPD, one liabrary, one storage room, two staff room. Till today the Trust has admitted 1000 inmates and presently 70 inmates admitted in this vridhashram.

Schedule at Aashram

Every day the older wakes up at 5.00 a.m., they have tea at 6.30 a.m., 7.00 to 8.00 am prayer time and then have breakfast at 9.00 a.m., in afternoon 12.00 to 1.00 p.m. prayer time, then at 1.00 p.m. lunch time & then rest. At 4.00 p.m. tea time & in between wondering in fresh & healthy air & at evening 6.30 to 7.00 p.m. prayer time & at 8.00 p.m dinner and then rest, this is the daily programmed of every inmates.

Atmosphere inside

The atmosphere of the vriddhashram is very healthy, god gifted and so long from the city area. In ashram there are so many programmes of social, religious, medical, entertainment etc. has arranged also mahila mandal, lions & lioness clubs, rotary clubs, companys and other NGOs cames in ashram & arranged various entertainment programmes e.g. games session, sangeet, bhajan, yoga sassion. In week three day doctors comes in ashram for check-up to inmates & give necessary medicine. In major case or illness of inmates we will admit them in hospitals. Also we arrange all type medical camps in ashram with the help of near hospitals, companys & lions clubs.

Medical Service

Every Sunday Dr. Mahendra Mandhre & Mrs Rajshree mahendra Mandhare visit at Ashram for chek-up all inmates. Medicines provided by Ashram whose bring our donars by Dr.s reqirments. Also Every last Saturday Help Age Dr. comes with Ambulance donated by CIPLA FOUNDATION chek-up and give medicines to inmates. MGM HOSPITAL KAMOTHE, D.Y.PATIL HOSPITAL NERUL, YMT HOSPITAL KHARGHAR gives medical help for Ashram inmates.

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